Clay Bar & Polish

Your Trusted Aircraft Cleaner

Shiny Jets is your trusted and dedicated airplane cleaner. With over a decade of experience servicing planes, our team combines technical and science-based data approaches to provide the highest level of detailing for your aircraft. Our Clay Bar and Polish package is an excellent value and vital to maintaining your aircraft. Keeping up with regular aircraft detailing will help save money in the long run by avoiding having to get a new paint job. The Clay Bar and Polish package starts off with a thorough exterior wash and cleaning of your aircraft using eco-friendly products. Next, we add a lubricant to the paint to avoid scratching and then slide the clay bar across your aircraft’s paint to remove remaining contaminants. Once your paint is looking sharp, we apply a sleek polish to seal in your paint and give it added shine. We highly recommend adding one of our Ceramic Pro packages to your aircraft to keep it protected from the hazardous elements it faces in flight. If you’ve been searching for an airplane cleaner that you can trust, Shiny Jets is your answer. Request a free quote to service your plane. 

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