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If you’ve been searching for an aircraft cleaner you can trust, look no further. Shiny Jets provides the finest aircraft detailing services available. We have over a decade of experience servicing airplanes and take great pride in providing top-of-the-line quality work. Brightwork is an important part of aircraft detailing. Aluminum is a soft metal and can pit very quickly if not maintained, therefore degrading the appearance of the leading edges of your aircraft. With regular maintenance, it is easier to maintain but if neglected it will take a few more steps to bring it back to that deep luster.

Our Brightwork Polishing package involved a multi-step process which will prevent corrosion and oxidation to the metal. We use a drum buffer that will leave your paint looking flawless. Regularly polishing brightwork will not allow pitting, oxidation, or corrosion to develop on your aircraft. If spotting and oxidation are deep, our team will take extra steps necessary to remove imperfections from your aircraft’s Brightwork. It will leave your aircraft with a brilliant luster and shine that will be noticed as it comes down the runway. If you want your aircraft to stay in great shape, then scheduling regular Brightwork detailing throughout the year is a must. Keep your aircraft looking shiny and new. Come see us at Shiny Jets for the best aircraft cleaner around. We want to work with you! Request a free quote here

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