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Aircraft Detailing San Diego

Shiny Jets strives to give the utmost seamless aircraft detailing services to your aircraft. From referring to manuals for SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to using aviation specific products, you can rest assured your aircraft will be in good hands. We take aircraft detailing very seriously and guarantee quality in all of our work. Using only the best tools available on the market, we are extremely thorough in our aircraft detailing processes and provide training to other aircraft detailers. With over a decade of experience, we are aware and abide by all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Our passion for aircraft detailing stems from the love of making each aircraft we service looks it’s absolute best. We offer a variety of aircraft detailing San Diego services including maintenance cleaning, shine enhancement, interior detailing, brightwork polishing, paint correction, clay bar, and de-icing boots

If you’ve been searching for a quality aircraft detailer you can trust, Shiny Jets is your answer. We are meticulous with all of our work and take the time needed to ensure your aircraft is properly cared for. Scheduling regular aircraft detailing will help prevent corrosion. We highly recommend adding one of our Ceramic Pro packages to your aviation. Adding Ceramic Pro will protect your investment by reducing costs of corrosion or repainting the aircraft. Request a free quote for the aircraft detailing San Diego services that you need. Shiny Jets wants to take care of you.

aircraft detailing san diego

Our Packages

Maintenance Cleaning

When it comes to aircraft maintenance, scheduling routine washing is vital to prolonging the life of your aircraft. Our maintenance washes will keep your aircraft looking sharp. This package includes a full exterior cleaning including landing gears. The interior cleaning includes a full wipe down of all tables, windows, and cabinetry as well as a full vacuum. This is an excellent value and a great way to keep your aircraft in pristine condition.

Shine Enhancement

Our Shine Enhancement package will give your aircraft a glossy, smooth finish that keeps your aircraft looking and flying like new. Glossy paint on an aircraft looks amazing and has many functional purposes aside from making your plane look great. Polished and corrected paint will produce better laminar airflow over your aircraft, therefore, creating less drag.

Interior Detail

Our interior detailing services are first class. From the headliner to the floor we have you covered. Our staff is thoroughly trained in cleaning all of the textiles in your aircraft. From suede to twill to silk we use the proper techniques to remove stains and other contaminants from your aircraft’s interior surfaces.

Brightwork Polishing

Our Brightwork Polishing package involved a multi-step process which will prevent corrosion and oxidation to the metal. We use a drum buffer that will leave your paint looking flawless. Regularly polishing brightwork will not allow pitting, oxidation, or corrosion to develop on your aircraft. If spotting and oxidation are deep, our team will take extra steps necessary to remove imperfections from your aircraft’s paint.

Paint Correction

Our paint correction package will get your aircraft’s exterior shining to perfection. This package is perfect if your paint is affected by oxidation, holograms and other defects. We begin the paint correction package with a thorough exterior wash and then use the clay bar to remove any contaminants that cannot be removed through a typical wash. Next, our professional aircraft cleaners will begin the paint correction process and buff and polish out any scratches or defects on your aircraft’s paint.

De-Ice Boot Refurbishment

The deicing boots treatment is an important service for your aircraft. De-ice boots require care to ensure their appearance and useful life can be extended as much as possible. Without protection, the ozone and the sun’s UV rays will degrade your rubber. De-ice boot treatments will provide a physical barrier from the elements and your de-ice boots. The coating provides a physical barrier that has UV protection that will keep your aircraft in great condition and protect it from the UV rays at higher elevations. BF Goodrich recommends that you service these boots every six month to keep them in good condition.

With over 13 years of experience in aircraft detailing, our expert staff knows the proper techniques and tools to ensure your aircraft is held to quality standards. We will treat it with the best care and attention to detail to get it looking its best.

Highest Quality Products

We research and use the highest grade products on the market to ensure your aircraft is properly cared for. We are one of the few aircraft detailers with a drum buffer and ensure quality in all of our work.

Here at Shiny Jets, our number one goal is to provide all our customers with the best customer service they’ve ever received. When you work with us, you can be rest assured that we get the job done right. We treat all our customers with great respect and provide open communication to make sure your experience with us was an enjoyable one. We look forward to working with you.

Premium Aircraft Detailing

When it comes to aircraft detailing San Diego, no one does it better than your expert staff at Shiny Jets. We refer to treat every aircraft like it was one of our own and pay close attention to the details. We take great pride in utilizing the highest end products and provide the aviation maintenance you need to keep your aircraft up to quality standardsThrough multidisciplinary approaches, we combine technical and science-based data to provide the best quality aviation maintenance for your aircraft. We offer a variety of aircraft detailing San Diego packages that will protect your investment. Come see us today!