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At Shiny Jets our mission is to provide the highest quality aircraft detailing services available.  We have over 13 years experience working on planes and jets and take great provide in exceding our customers’ expectations. You can count on us to get the job done right. We provide the aviation maintenance you need to keep your aircraft up to quality standards. Through multidisciplinary approaches, we combine technical and science-based data to provide the best quality aircraft detailing available. We’ll work with you to ensure we provide exemplary services using top quality products that are best suited for your aircraft. We are experts when it comes to Ceramic Pro, Aircraft Detailing, Brightwork Polishing, Aircraft Window Repair and more. Find out more about our packages below.

When it comes to paint protection that lasts, Ceramic Pro is the most durable paint coating in the industry. From hydrophobic properties to extreme gloss, coatings will help protect your aircraft from corrosion, ice build up, and other contaminants. Ceramic Pro is the leader in ceramic coatings and uses advanced nano-technology to protect your aircraft’s paint. At Shiny Jets we want to protect your investment and that’s why we are a certified Ceramic Pro aircraft installer. With over a decade of experience detailing planes, our team uses the proper techniques to ensure your aircraft is treated with the highest level of skill and service. Ceramic coatings are chemical resistant and will protect your paint far longer than any sealant or wax.

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Shiny Jets strives to give the utmost seamless aircraft detailing services to your aircraft. From referring to manuals for SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to using aviation specific products, you can rest assured your aircraft will be in good hands. We take aircraft detailing very seriously and guarantee quality in all of our work. Using only the best tools available on the market, we are extremely thorough in our aircraft detailing processes and provide training to other aircraft detailers. Our passion for aircraft detailing stems from the love of making each aircraft we service looks it’s absolute best. We offer a variety of aircraft detailing San Diego services including maintenance cleaningshine enhancementinterior detailingbrightwork polishingpaint correctionclay bar, and de-icing boots.

Our Brightwork Polishing package involved a multi-step process which will prevent corrosion and oxidation to the metal. We use a drum buffer that will leave your paint looking flawless. Regularly polishing brightwork will not allow pitting, oxidation, or corrosion to develop on your aircraft. If spotting and oxidation are deep, our team will take extra steps necessary to remove imperfections from your aircraft’s paint. It will leave your aircraft with a brilliant luster and shine that will be noticed as it comes down the runway. If you want your aircraft to stay in great shape, then scheduling regular Brightwork detailing throughout the year is a must.

Our team is meticulous with our work and will identify damage that may not be able to be seen by the naked eye. First, we measure the thickness of the window to ensure we’re within tolerances for thickness on pressurized aircraft. Next, we will remove any scratches, hazing and other imperfections incurred in normal use or due to sun caused oxidation from the windows by sanding them out and polishing them to bring back optical clarity. Then we coat the window for added protection.