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Ceramic coatings have changed the game. From hydrophobic properties to extreme gloss, coatings will help protect your aircraft from corrosion, ice build up, and other contaminants. Ceramic Pro is the leader in ceramic coatings and uses advanced nano-technology to protect your aircraft’s paint. At Shiny Jets we want to protect your investment and that’s why we are a certified Ceramic Pro aircraft installer. With over a decade of experience detailing planes, our team uses the proper techniques to ensure your aircraft is treated with the highest level of skill and service. Ceramic coatings are chemical resistant and will protect your paint far longer than any sealant or wax. 

At Shiny Jets, we carry a full line of Ceramic Pro products including Ceramic Pro Bravo, the most durable paint protection that put Ceramic Pro on the map. This product will keep your aircraft’s paint protected from corrosion, oxidation, the sun’s UV rays and other hazardous elements it encounters in flight. It will give your aircraft hydrophobic properties highly reducing aircraft maintenance time and costs. It is thermal resistant from -50 °C to 1200 °C, easy to maintain and adds a glossy coating to your aircraft. Other Ceramic Pro products include: Ceramic Pro Primer, Ceramic Pro Light (glossy protective coating), Ceramic Pro Textile (interior protection). We offer a variety of Ceramic Pro aircraft packages including Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Interior & Textile. All of our coatings are infused with titanium dioxide with ions of silver that are antibacterial. If you want to extend the life of your aircraft and keep it in excellent condition, than add one of our Ceramic Pro aircraft packages to protect your investment. Request a free quote here

ceramic pro aircraft

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