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Shiny Jets Certification Course

Shiny Jets Certification Course

Aircraft detailing can be prized asset to your local airport. Offering aviation detailing services at your FBO (part), Repair Station (part 145), or Charter jet (part 135) company will keep your aircraft in tip top shape. The results you will get after this class restoring and protecting aircraft are absolutely first class. Make no mistake our services taught are extremely simple and our hands on approach will give you the knowledge and wisdom to tackle the largest aircraft.

What its all about.

My name is Brett Berry the CEO of Shiny Jets and we are excited to have you join our 5 day aircraft detailing course. This course will give you the basics to restore and protect aircraft cosmetically. The knowledge gained through this course will set you apart from the competition. 

Aviation Detailing Industry

Today, in the industry the problem is most of the results being produced today are from old school detailing process.' The finished results with "Old School" detailing practices do not last as long, waste a lot of product/labor, and trial and error on expensive aircraft is just not an option. Our Group Trainings will expedite the learning curve tremendously.

The Course

In this course we go over all the services in the classroom so we understand how the cosmetic surfaces deteriorate, how to restore them, and lastly how to protect them. We execute these crucial services on multiple sized aircraft. The student will also get the aircraft jet center(FBO) and Repair Station(Part 145) experience. The course is 5 days w/ lodging and lunches included. 5 spots per class.


Lodging , shuttle(to and from training/hotel), and lunches are included. Arrive the day before training. Lodging last night covered 3/25. Classes start abruptly at 9am.


Curriculum -

- Ceramic Pro and Shiny Jets Certification

- Define Customers

- Dry Wash Tools 

- Pre Wash Flows

- Dry Wash

- Oxidation Removal Tools and Supplies

- Oxidation Removal

- Polishing Paint Tools and Supplies

- Polishing Paint

- Polishing Brightwork Tools and Supplies

- Brightwork Polishing

- Interior Maintenance Cleanings

- Leather Cleaning

- Carpet Cleaning

- Hands on detailing services on multiple aircraft.

- Pricing Calculator

- Online Group Support



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