De-Ice Boot Refurbishment

Deicing Boots

The deicing boots treatment is an important service for your aircraft. De-ice boots require care to ensure their appearance and useful life can be extended as much as possible. Without protection, the ozone and the sun’s UV rays will degrade your rubber. De-ice boot treatments will provide a physical barrier from the elements and your de-ice boots. The coating provides a physical barrier that has UV protection that will keep your aircraft in great condition and protect it from the UV rays at higher elevations. BF Goodrich recommends that you service these boots every six month to keep them in good condition.

At Shiny Jets, we guarantee quality in all of our work and you’ll be able to see that with our results. We use a multi-step process that removes old buildup and then we clean the boot prior to adding the sealant. We apply three coats of boot sealant per manufacturer. At Shiny Jets, we use the best products on the market and carry BF Goodrich and Ice Shield. We take all the steps to ensure your coating has high gloss and bonds well with the De-ice boots for a long-lasting shine. If you want to prolong the life of your aircraft, we highly recommend getting our deicing boots package. Save yourself money in the long run and ensure your de-ice boots stay intact. Request a free quote here.

deicing boots

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