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Fly Shiny Pro

Here at Shiny Jets we are excited to launch our first detailing product. This product has been in the works for over a few years. We needed some real world results and a product we could stand behind to bring to market. We did not want to develop a ceramic coating that was just like every other ceramic on the market.


 We were able to develop a ceramic coating that uses 2/3rds less product than all other brands and offers the same protection. Compared to Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating other brands just use too much ceramic to coat an aircraft. Why go through 3 bottles when you could use 1 bottle?

With Boeing third party testing we made sure our coating would fall within indusrty standards and not harm or damage aircraft(note:aircraft manufacturers should always be consulted when coating aircraft). Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating will give you the ease of coating and time savings. 

Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating will not disappoint with gloss and protection. Our proprietary formula is designed for aircraft paint. The coating will fill the microscopic pores of the paint and leaving a protective barrier which in turn makes the painted surface smoother. This allows less contaminants to stick or bond to the paint, therefore further protecting the paint from degradation. With extreme gloss you will produce the Shiniest jets at your airport.

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