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Welcome everyone to Shiny Jets Online Flagship Course. My name is Brett Berry and I am the founder of Shiny jets.

Ok lets get started with a little background of how I started and why.

I started solely detailing aircraft back in 2007 at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California.

I had previously cleaned and detailed aircraft for a few years prior while also detailing cars for a smooth transition.

Business picked up quite quickly with our attention to detail. I put in the effort to understand the aircraft that we were working on and maintaining.

I communicated with mechanics, pilots and directors of maintenance at several repair stations to make sure we were cleaning aircraft safely and properly.

Fast forward to after selling my business and starting Shiny Jets, we found many inadequacies in the aviation detailing industry.So much so I couldn't sit idle and watch it continue.

I set out searching for innovative, efficient and profitable techniques that would be safe to use and deliver an exceptional result in the aviation industry.

Aircraft are extremely expensive assets and it really upset me when I acquired a new customer and saw evidence of very poor cosmetic maintenance practices.

The problems that I saw on aircraft were so easily fixed with minimal effort. It was literally a case of ignorance from the previous detailer. Additionally, no one seemed to be addressing these problems in the industry.

There was not much information out there regarding aircraft detailing. I  became a sponge to experts in the industry I was surrounded by.

Over time I developed repour with experts in the industry who guided me to safely clean and cosmetically maintain aircraft.

I clearly remember one day on the ramp at an FBO, a director of maintenance told me that an aircraft detailer he saw used metal polish in a small 1 pound tub. I started searching the internet for the product. That night I found Nuvite and instantly ordered some.

Fast Forward to now, Shiny Jets has set out to start a new industry standard to safety in the aircraft detailing in industry.

Far too much is not addressed in the aircraft detailing industry in regards to the FAA and NTSB. There is no standard training, as well as no industry standards. Additionally, manufacturers have zero cosmetic preservation knowledge and it shows when referring to their manuals.

Aircraft detailing simply inspired me because there was so much more square footage of paint to maintain.

I was tired of driving around doing a few cars here there. I was spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month on gas going to clean a car for few bucks.

Aircraft detailing allowed me to set up a few locations where I could work on large aircraft and not have to run around all day.

Over time I was able to then learn how aircraft deteriorate cosmetically and come up with great solutions to maintain them.

I've been through it all in aviation industry from building a business that sold, to the FBI seizing an aircraft I detailed the night before, as well as customers aircraft being stolen only to disappear somewhere in Columbia.

I've coated Gulfstreams and restored World War 2 aircraft in the dozens. I feel I've seen 99% of the aviation industry and understand it well.

I know the ins and outs of the industry that can help people navigate through gaining customers. I've learned from pilots, mechanics, FBO CEO's, line service and many others in the industry.

Welcome to Shiny Jet Aviation Detailing Course.

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