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Detailing Services

Ceramic Coating - Protect your aircraft with the latest technology. Ceramic coatings will give your aircraft the best protection by creating a barrier between your aircrafts paint and the elements. Coat your aircraft in a sacrificial barrier.
Brightwork Polishing - If you’ve been searching for an aircraft cleaner you can trust to polish you jets brightwork, look no further. Shiny Jets provides the finest aircraft brightwork polishing services available. 
Paint Restoration -  Oxidation is living and constantly growing which and is important to  prevent or remove from aircraft paint. Our dual action polishers are great because the heat generated goes up into the pad while leaving hologram/swirl free finish that will not wash away. 

Leather Cleaning - Our leather cleaning service is first class. Cleaning in aircraft leather is a very crucial service that could leave behind permanent damage is not executed properly. PH balanced cleaners are designed to not damage the leather while deep cleaning. 

Carpet Cleaning - Shiny Jets takes the steps to making sure your carpets are cleaned properly. Dirt, oil, wine, coffee, and many other contaminants take proper products to remove. The extraction process we take will leave your carpet PH neutral which is less likely to attract dirt. 

Aircraft Window Repair - Optical clarity is crucial on aircraft acrylic windows. Improper cleaning process' can lead to an unsightly view. Our gentle window restoration process' will leave your windows looking perfect.

Leather RepairWe are the experts at restoring you leather surfaces in your aircraft. The beauty of our process is we can restore the leather surfaces right in your aircraft. We have the latest technology in color matching to make the repair completely non existent. All of our products are burn certified and safe for aircraft.  

Paint Decontamination - Paint contamination can be defined as organic and inorganic objects that form a semi permanent bond to the paint. These contaminants such as fallout or paint overspray make the paint feel rough to the touch. Paint decontamination is mechanically removed with clay bar treatment. The clay bar will remove the contaminants embedded on the painted surfaces.

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