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Shiny Jets Certification Master Class (Online & Hands-On) - San Diego, Ca.


Certification Online & Hands-On Aircraft Detailing Class

Unlock Excellence with Shiny Jets Master Aircraft Detailing Course – The Ultimate Aircraft Detailing Training for Optimal Results. Elevate Aircraft Maintenance at Your FBO (Part), Repair Station (Part 145), or Charter Jet (Part 135) Company. Gain Top-Tier Knowledge in Aircraft Restoration and Protection through Our First-Class Class. Our Services Offer Simplicity and Hands-On Expertise, Empowering You to Conquer even the Largest Aircraft.

Experience the Pinnacle of Aircraft Detailing Training: Enroll in Shiny Jets' Master Aircraft Detailing Course – Your Pathway to Unrivaled Expertise. Elevate Aircraft Performance and Aesthetics Today!

What its all about?

Enroll in the Best Aircraft Detailing Training: Shiny Jets' Online & Hands-On Master Course, with CEO Brett Berry. Gain Confidence in Aircraft Cosmetic Restoration and Protection. Stand Out from the Competition with Expertise Acquired from Our Comprehensive Course.


Aviation Detailing Industry

Revolutionize Your Approach with Aircraft Detailing Training Courses – A Solution to Outdated Practices. Experience Lasting Results and Efficiency. Say Goodbye to Wasted Resources and Trial and Error. Join Our Aviation Detailing Training Master Class for Rapid Skill Enhancement.

The Shiny Jets Certification Master Class

Elevate Your Aircraft Detailing Skills with Shiny Jets' Comprehensive Aviation Detailing Training Courses – A Masterclass in Aircraft Aviation Detailing. Learn Online, Excel In-Person. Understand How Aircraft Cosmetic Surfaces Deteriorate, Restore Aviation Excellence, Ensure Aircraft Protection, and Master Aircraft Cosmetic Maintenance. Real Aircraft, Real Experience. Gain FBO and Part 145 Repair Station Aviation Insight. Elevate Your Aviation Skills with Our Aviation-Focused Comprehensive Online and 5-Day Hands-On Aircraft Master Class in Aviation Detailing


Included -

- Online Master Class

- Shiny Jets Certification 5 Day Course

- Access to purchase Shiny Jets Pricing/Marketing App (App prices subject to change)

- Lodging Included

- Shuttle to and from training to Hotel

Curriculum -

- Where to start

- Define Customers

- How to Market

- Microfiber towel makeup

- Aircraft Familiarization

- Dry/Wet Wash Tools 

- Wash Flows

- Dry/Wet Wash

- Oxidation Removal Tools and Supplies

- Oxidation Removal

- Polishing Aircraft Paint Tools and Supplies

- Polishing Aircraft Paint

- Polishing Aircraft Brightwork Tools and Supplies (Drum Buffer)

- Aircraft Brightwork Polishing

- Aircraft Interior Maintenance Cleanings

- Aircraft Interior Leather Cleaning

- Aircraft Carpet Cleaning

- Hands on aircraft detailing services on multiple aircraft


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