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Professional Aircraft Cleaners

If you’ve been searching for professional aircraft cleaners that you can trust, look no further! Shiny Jets has the experience and skill needed to provide you with the highest quality detail services for your aircraft. Our paint correction package will get your aircraft’s exterior shining to perfection. This package is perfect if your paint is affected by oxidation, holograms and other defects. We begin the paint correction package with a thorough exterior wash and then use the clay bar to remove any contaminants that cannot be removed through a typical wash. Next, our professional aircraft cleaners will begin the paint correction process and buff and polish out any scratches or defects on your aircraft’s paint. This process will help remove oxidation, holograms and other contaminants. Our team is meticulous with our work and you’ll be able to see that we’re done with your aircraft. We highly recommend pairing our paint correction package with Ceramic Pro. Adding Ceramic Pro to your aircraft will keep it protected from the harsh elements it encounters in flight. Protecting your aircraft’s paint not only keeps it looking great, but can actually save you money in repainting costs down the line. If you’ve been looking for professional aircraft cleaners to service your plane, Shiny Jets is your answer. Request a free quote and let us take care of you.

professional aircraft cleaners

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