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Aircraft Paint Restoration


Protecting your aircraft from oxidation is paramount to maintain its integrity. Over time, paint deteriorates through oxidation, a relentless process that must be prevented or removed. Aircraft paint serves as a shield against corrosion, but when oxidized, it becomes a magnet for contaminants like bugs, oil, and exhaust, leading to permanent stains and corrosion risks.

Our aircraft restoration process is designed to eliminate oxidation, restoring your aircraft's paint to its original gloss or even better. We ensure thorough removal of oxidation, preventing your paint from deteriorating after just a few washes.

It's crucial to remember that after the oxidation removal process, your paint requires protection. There are various options available, and we can assist you in choosing the best one for your needs.

During oxidation removal, we employ a careful combination of compounds and pads to efficiently eliminate oxidation without generating excessive heat. Overheating the aircraft's surface (above 150 Degrees Fahrenheit) can lead to issues like embrittlement, loss of paint bond, and burned paint. Unlike traditional rotary buffers, our dual-action polishers disperse heat evenly, leaving your paint free of holograms and swirls.

Trust our expertise to remove oxidation effectively and restore your aircraft's paint to a flawless finish. Contact us to safeguard your aircraft and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

Lear 35 Polish and Ceramic Coat

Paint polishing is a delicate yet effective service designed to enhance the visual appeal of your aircraft. If you've noticed a decline in the glossiness of your paint, our polishing process is the perfect solution. By meticulously refining the aircraft's painted surfaces, we restore optical clarity without aggressive measures. This gentle process not only revitalizes the shine but also creates a protective environment, making it challenging for contaminants to adhere to the paint. Trust us to bring back the luster to your aircraft's paint, leaving it looking impeccably polished and protected.



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