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Shiny Jets offers the finest aircraft detailing services available. With over a decade of aircraft detailing experience, we provide the aviation maintenance you need to keep your aircraft up to quality standards. Through multidisciplinary approaches, we combine technical and science-based data to provide the best quality aviation maintenance for your aircraft. We’ll work with you to ensure we provide exemplary services using top quality products that are best suited for your aircraft. Owning an aircraft is a huge investment, so why not keep it in mint condition? At Shiny Jets, we are committed to protecting your aircraft and that’s why we are certified installers of Ceramic Pro. Adding Ceramic Pro to your aircraft will reduce your aviation maintenance costs greatly and keep your airplane’s paint protected. We offer a variety of aviation paint protection packages along with detailing services. Request a free quote and let us serve you.

We offer premium
aircraft detailing services

- When it comes to protecting your aircraft paint, our detailers at Shiny Jets are experts. We'll make sure your aircraft looks its best and is protected from the outside elements.

We Use the Highest Quality Products

- We take great pride in providing premium services that will help maintain the value of your aircraft. We only use the best products available in the industry and follow regulations to ensure safety and style for your aircraft.

Aviation Maintenance

Owning an aircraft is a huge investment. At Shiny Jets we understand the importance of scheduling regular aviation maintenance to prevent corrosion and keep your paint from chipping. We highly recommend adding one of our Ceramic Pro packages to your aircraft to keep your aviation’s paint protected from the elements. Adding Ceramic Pro to your aircraft will ensure that you won’t have to strip and repaint your aircraft which could put your aviation out of use for a month. We take great pride in providing the finest aircraft detailing services available with excellent customer service. You can rest assured that your aircraft is in good hands at Shiny Jets. 

Ceramic Pro uses nanotechnology to add a protective hydrophobic layer to your aircraft. Adding Ceramic Pro to your aircraft will keep it protected from the sun’s UV rays and other hazardous elements that it will come in contact during flight. It will give your plane hydrophobic properties greatly reducing maintenance time and costs. Our team at Shiny Jets has over a decade of experience servicing all types of aircraft, and you can trust us to take care of you. All of our Ceramic Pro packages include warranties and we stand by our work. Come see our specialists and schedule regular aviation maintenance to ensure your aircraft stays in pristine condition.

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