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Purveyors of the Finest Aircraft Detailing Services.

We illuminate the world’s aerospace industry leadership through innovation, structure and safety, implementing first class aircraft restoration and preservation solutions.

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Industry Leaders in

Aviation Cosmetic Maintenance

Elevate the Protection and Aesthetics of Your Private Jet with Shiny Jets' Fly Shiny Pro Ceramic Coating – Your Ultimate Solution for Long-Lasting Brilliance. Our Advanced Ceramic Coating Technology Provides Unmatched Shielding Against Environmental Elements, UV Rays, and Daily Wear. With Fly Shiny Pro, Your Aircraft Benefits from a Durable, Hydrophobic Barrier, Ensuring Effortless Maintenance and a Showroom Finish. Trust the Leading Ceramic Coating in Aircraft Detailing to Preserve and Enhance Your Private Jet's Glamour.

We offer premium aircraft detailing services

When it comes to protecting your aircraft paint, our detailers at Shiny Jets are experts. We'll make sure your aircraft looks its best and is protected from the outside elements.

We use the hightest quality products.

We take great pride in providing premium services that will help maintain the value of your aircraft. We only use the best products available in the industry and follow regulations to ensure safety and style for your aircraft.

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