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Your aircraft deserves these exterior Services

Ceramic Coating

Discover unparalleled protection for your aircraft with Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating. Unlike any other coating on the market, our ceramic coating creates an impenetrable shield, safeguarding your aircraft from the harshest elements while producing the best gloss in the industry.
When applied, Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating permeates the paint's pores deeper than any other brand on the market, forming strongest bond with the surface. This creates a physical barrier, offering superior protection for your aircraft's paint. Additionally, the nano ceramic particles fill the pores, resulting in a remarkably smooth surface. This smoothness makes it incredibly challenging for contaminants to adhere, ensuring your aircraft remains pristine.

 Unlike conventional waxes that wash away, Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating stands the test of time. It won't wash off, guaranteeing your paint stays protected. Over time, the coating may wear, but your paint will remain intact and preserved.

 With Fly Shiny Pro ceramic coating, you can expect more than just protection. It enhances gloss, fortifies your aircraft against damage, and simplifies the cleaning process. Proper maintenance ensures these benefits endure for years, making Fly Shiny Pro the ultimate choice for your aircraft's protection needs. Invest in Fly Shiny Pro today and secure a lasting shield for your valuable aircraft.

Brightwork Polishing

Ensure the airworthiness of your aircraft by prioritizing brightwork polishing. Neglected brightwork can deteriorate, compromising the aircraft's functionality and safety. Our expert brightwork polishing services guarantee a flawless, mirror-like finish, essential for optimal performance.

Our meticulous polishing process involves multiple steps, designed to transform even the most tarnished brightwork. We understand that oxidation can be stubborn, requiring thorough removal to achieve lasting results. While quick one or two-step processes might offer temporary beauty, they often fall short in eliminating oxidation entirely.

Brightwork, typically made of aluminum alloys, is prone to oxidation and tarnishing. Over time, this oxidation can create unsightly pits, which, if left unaddressed, might be irreversible. Our skilled technicians specialize in restoring even the most damaged brightwork, ensuring a pristine appearance and optimal functionality.

No brightwork polishing job is too small or large for us. Trust our expertise to preserve the mirror-like finish your aircraft deserves. Invest in our comprehensive brightwork polishing services today to enhance the longevity and airworthiness of your valuable aircraft.

Paint Restoration

Paint restoration is a vital component to preventing  premature deterioration on your aircraft. Aircraft paint free of oxidation will protect the aircraft from build up of contaminants on the paint. A multitude of machines, pads, polishes, and compounds will remove years of oxidation and reveal a beautiful like new paint.

Included in paint restoration services is a service called paint decontamination. Paint decontamination is widely known as a clay bar treatment. Polishing will not remove all the contaminants such as industrial fallout and overspray. Our paint decontamination tactics will make your paint smooth to the touch. 

When refinishing the paint it is best to only remove the oxidation and not remove every single paint defect because there is only so much paint to work with in regards to its thickness. Our paint restoration process will leave your paint swirl and hologram free. Our process does not hide imperfections that re-appear after a few washes. Come check out the difference with Shiny Jets.

Window Polishing

Enhance the clarity of your aircraft windows with our specialized multi-step polishing process. Aircraft windows, predominantly made of acrylic, are prone to deterioration due to various factors. Without adequate protection, contaminants easily adhere to the surface, making cleaning challenging. Moreover, scratched or pitted windows provide more surface area for contaminants to stick, diminishing visibility. Damaged windows not only obstruct your view but also compromise safety, necessitating resurfacing.

At our facility, we employ a meticulous multi-step polishing technique that effectively eliminates yellowing and scratches, ensuring a pristine, crystal-clear view. Whether your aircraft is pressurized or not, our experts can restore your windows to their original transparency. Invest in our services to enjoy unobstructed views and heightened safety during your flights. Schedule your aircraft window restoration today to experience the difference firsthand.

Your aircraft deserves these Interior Services

Leather Cleaning

Elevate the longevity and appearance of your aircraft's interior with our top-tier leather cleaning and conditioning services. Preserving the integrity of your leather seats is crucial, as dirt, oils, and stains can irreversibly mar their surface. Our meticulous cleaning techniques not only remove these contaminants but also prevent them from embedding permanently into the leather.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail, especially when it comes to often-overlooked areas like stitching and seat belts. We ensure a thorough cleaning process, leaving no traces of dirt or grime. By conditioning the leather, we create a protective barrier against stains, ensuring your seats maintain their pristine look.

Moreover, we offer exceptional suede cleaning services, addressing the specific needs of suede surfaces. Regular use can accumulate oils, compromising the suede's texture and cleanliness. Our specialized suede cleaning process not only restores the suede to its original state but does so without leaving residue that attracts dirt.

Choose our first-class leather and suede cleaning services to experience a remarkable transformation in your aircraft's interior. Not only will your leather and suede surfaces look and feel brand new, but they will also be shielded against future damage. Schedule your cleaning session today for a refreshed and revitalized aircraft interior.

Carpet Cleaning

Investing in professional carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining cleanliness and prolonging the lifespan of your carpets. Carpets accumulate dirt over time, and without proper cleaning, they show signs of wear much sooner.

At our service, we employ advanced techniques to tackle stains and proteins effectively. We use specialized enzymes to break down the bonds between these contaminants and your carpets. Our thorough extraction rinse ensures the carpets maintain the right pH level, preventing dirt from sticking and ensuring they stay cleaner for an extended period.

Crucially, we employ high-speed blower fans post-extraction to rapidly eliminate moisture. Timely moisture removal is vital as lingering dampness could cause stains to re-emerge from the depths of the carpet fibers. Additionally, moisture left behind could lead to mold growth, posing a threat to the interior and potentially causing corrosion over time. Our meticulous approach not only prevents these issues but also revitalizes your carpets, giving them a fresh lease of life.

Trust us to prepare and execute the carpet cleaning process with utmost precision. Our services guarantee not just cleanliness but also the longevity of your carpets. Experience the difference our professional cleaning makes – your carpets will look and feel rejuvenated, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for your space. Schedule your cleaning session today for carpets that look brand new and last longer.

Leather Repair

Preserve the beauty of your aircraft's leather components with our expert leather repair services. Replacing these high-value items is costly and requires stringent burn certification. Instead, opt for our affordable and eco-friendly solution to restore worn and damaged areas.

High-traffic spots like seats and armrests naturally suffer wear, leading to scratches and color fading. Our skilled technicians specialize in rejuvenating these surfaces, ensuring they regain their original allure and softness. By choosing our services, you not only enhance your aircraft's interior but also maintain its value and elegance.

Our meticulous leather repair techniques address minor scratches and extensive wear, breathing new life into your leather components. With us, you contribute to sustainability by minimizing the demand for new materials.

Experience the transformative power of our services today. Contact us for a consultation and rediscover the beauty of your aircraft's interior.

Cabinet Repiar

For all your cabinet needs, trust Shiny Jets! Whether you require a light polish or a patch, we've got you covered. Daily wear can lead to scratches on tables and cabinets, but fear not – our expert team can sand or polish these surfaces to restore their flawless finish. Don't let your cabinetry look tired and worn.

In cases of severe damage, Shiny Jets excels in filling voids, meticulously painting back the grains of the veneer, and seamlessly blending in the clearcoat. This is particularly invaluable as replacing and matching panels can be challenging. Our restoration services work wonders, concealing those unsightly marks in your aircraft's cabinetry.

Revitalize your cabinets with Shiny Jets today! Our expert touch will ensure your cabinetry looks as good as new. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and bid farewell to cabinetry eye sores.

One of our latest Ceramic Coating Jobs

Shiny Jets takes immense pride in restoring the finish of this Airbus H145 to its former glory. Thanks to the excellent maintenance efforts of the previous crew, there were minimal scratches, except for the challenging tail boom oxidization caused by exhaust soot. To tackle this issue, we utilized a meticulous approach, starting with a compound and wool pad rotary technique, followed by refined finishing using various pads and polishes.

Additionally, the windows, marred by regular use scratches, underwent a detailed restoration process. Our team carefully compounded and polished the windows, ensuring passengers and pilots enjoy a flawless view. This intricate service demands precision, especially since introducing heat to the windows could shorten their lifespan. The polishing process is lengthy but essential to achieve impeccable results.

Once all surfaces were expertly restored, we applied a ceramic coating for the paint and a user-friendly ceramic coating for the windows. This protective layer not only enhances the surfaces further but also deepens the paint's gloss. Unlike traditional sealants and waxes, ceramic coatings create a durable 2-4 micron layer, making the surfaces highly hydrophobic and resistant to contaminants. Even if deterioration occurs, it's the coating that wears down first, not the paint. This unique feature allows for future paint polishing and re-application of ceramic coating.

For more aviation insights and updates on our restoration projects, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and don't forget to leave a comment. Experience the brilliance of Shiny Jets – where expertise meets perfection.

Fly Shiny with shiny jets

Protect your investment and avoid costly repairs with Shiny Jets' expert services. General aviation aircraft are notorious for expensive repairs, especially if painted surfaces deteriorate, leading to damaging corrosion that affects vital components. Every moment an aircraft is grounded translates to financial losses. New paint jobs, taking weeks to months, only add to the downtime.

Prevent this financial strain with our specialized protection and preventative maintenance services. Shiny Jets boasts years of expertise, customizing solutions to your aircraft's unique requirements. With our meticulous care, your aircraft stays out of the paint booth, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime. Trust us to safeguard your aircraft investment and keep your operations running smoothly. Contact Shiny Jets today for tailored, cost-effective solutions that protect your aircraft and your bottom line.

Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft

At Shiny Jets, we specialize in restoring warbirds and vintage aircraft, preserving their unique historical significance. With a rich legacy of successfully restoring over 50 warbirds and vintage aircraft, we take immense pride in bringing these one-of-a-kind pieces of history back to life, ensuring they can be cherished by future generations.

Our dedicated team is passionate about these iconic flying machines, evident in our meticulous cosmetic restoration work. We take care of every detail, working diligently to fix any unsightly components on your aircraft, enhancing its overall appearance.

Additionally, our restoration process includes the application of ceramic coating to the aircraft. This protective layer not only enhances the aircraft's aesthetic appeal but also makes future cleaning a breeze. With Shiny Jets, your vintage aircraft will receive the attention it deserves, ensuring it remains a timeless treasure for aviation enthusiasts. Trust us to revitalize your aircraft and preserve its historical charm. Contact us today for expert restoration services tailored to your vintage aviation needs.


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