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Your aircraft deserves these exterior Services

Ceramic Coating

Look no further for protection on your aircraft. Shiny Jets Graphene infused ceramic coating will give you protection like no other coating on the market.  When applied a ceramic coating will penetrate into the pores of the paint and create a bond with the top layer of the ceramic coating. This will create a physical barrier between the elements and your aircraft paint. In addition to the protection, the surface will be smoother because of the ceramic filling the pores of the paint. This makes it harder for contaminants to stick.

 Unlike traditional waxes that wash away, a ceramic coating will not wash away. This ensures that your paint will not deteriorate but instead the coating will deteriorate over time. 

A ceramic coating will increase gloss, protection, and enhance ease of cleaning for years to come if maintained properly.

Brightwork Polishing

Brightwork polishing is an important part of maintaining your aircraft. Brightwork can deteriorate and become un-airworthy in not maintained. Polishing your brightwork on your aircraft is the best way to maintain the functioning mirror like finish. With multiple steps even the ugliest brightwork can sport that mirror like finish. Multiple steps may be needed to completely remove the oxidation. Although one or two step polishing process' can make the brightwork look beautiful, if the oxidation is not completely removed your results will not last long at all.

Brightwork consists of aluminum alloys that will oxidize and tarnish. Over time this oxidation can form pits in the brightwork which can be unsightly and sometimes unable to be restored. 
No brightwork polishing job is too small or large.

Paint Restoration

Paint restoration is a vital component to preventing  premature deterioration on your aircraft. Aircraft paint free of oxidation will protect the aircraft from build up of contaminants on the paint. A multitude of machines, pads, polishes, and compounds will remove years of oxidation and reveal a beautiful like new paint.

Included in paint restoration services is a service called paint decontamination. Paint decontamination is widely known as a clay bar treatment. Polishing will not remove all the contaminants such as industrial fallout and overspray. Our paint decontamination tactics will make your paint smooth to the touch. 

When refinishing the paint it is best to only remove the oxidation and not remove every single paint defect because there is only so much paint to work with in regards to its thickness. Our paint restoration process will leave your paint swirl and hologram free. Our process does not hide imperfections that re-appear after a few washes. Come check out the difference with Shiny Jets.

Window Polishing

The majority of windows in aircraft are acrylic. By nature acrylic windows deteriorate from a multitude of reasons. Without proper protection on the windows it is easier for contaminants to stick to the windows and harder to remove the contaminants when cleaning.  Scratched or pitted naturally have more surface area for more contaminants to stick to. Lastly, damaged windows are harder to see through and should be re-surfaced.

Our multi-step polishing process will remove yellowing and scratches safely, leaving you with a crystal clear view. Whether the aircraft is pressurized or not we can restore that clear view. 

Your aircraft deserves these Interior Services

Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning and conditioning is an important service to maintain and protect the leather in your aircraft. Dirt, oils, and stains can permanently damage your leather seats. Regular cleaning will remove these contaminants before they set permanently into the leather. Conditioning the leather will help protect stains from permanently setting into the leather surface. When cleaning leather some of the contaminants will end up in the stitching. This is the most missed part of cleaning leather seats. With our leather cleaning services we also clean the stitching and seat belts so your seats look brand new. 

In addition to our first class leather cleaning and conditioning service, is our first class suede cleaning service. Regular use of suede surfaces will collect oil and ruin that nice clean feel. Our suede cleaning process will leave your suede looking and feeling brand new without leaving behind soaps that attract dirt.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets properly is an important service to help keep your carpets cleaner longer and extend their life. Carpets laden with dirt will show signs of wear much faster than maintained carpets.

Stains and proteins are pre-sprayed with various enzymes to break down the bond they have with the carpets. Our extraction rinse leaves the carpets the proper PH to ensure they do not attract dirt and stay cleaner longer.

After extraction we install blower fans to remove the moisture as quickly as possible. This is important because stains could re-appear from deep in the carpet if the moisture is left in the carpets too long. In addition to stains re-appearing, is mold could from if moisture is left behind which could also lead to corrosion over time in the interior. Our proper preperation and execution of cleaning your carpets will undoubtedly give them a new and longer life.

Leather Repair

Leather components in your aircraft a extremely expensive to replace. The leather has to be burn certified to be installed. This is where leather repair become appealing to restore the deteriorated sections in your aircraft. High traffic areas will suffer from 

Cabinet Repiar

Wether your cabinets need a light polish or a patch, Shiny Jets has you covered. Regular use will leave scratching on tables, and cabinets. These surfaces can be sanded or polished to bring back that flawless surface. Do not let that finish look tired.
If there is severe damage Shiny Jets can fill in the void, paint bag in the grains of the veneer and blend in the clearcoat. This is useful because panels cannot be replaced and matched. Our restoration services will hide those eye sores in the cabinetry in your aircraft.

One of our latest Ceramic Coating Jobs

The Shiny Jets team really enjoyed restoring the finish on this Airbus H145. The crew who maintained it has done a very good job maintaining the finish on it. With safe cleaning practices there were little to no scratches. The only issue was the tail boom was oxidizing pretty bad from the exhaust soot. We first had to use a compound and a wool pad on the rotary (most aggressive technique before going to wet sanding) to remove the stained paint. After the paint was restored we refined the finish with various pads and polishes. 

The windows had scratches on the from regular use so we compounded and polished them to give the passengers and pilots a flawless view. This is a very tedious service because we cannot introduce heat into the window as that will shorten the service life of the windows. It is a long polishing process to get the windows in flawless shape.

After all of the surfaces were restored we protected them with a ceramic coating for the paint and a ceramic coating that was easy to work with on the windows to help avoid polishing if mistakes were made during application. The ceramic coating will smooth out the surfaces even more and give the paint a deeper gloss. The beauty of a ceramic coating unlike sealants and waxes, it will not wash away. The coating is creating a 2-4 micron layer that is much more hydrophobic and less likely to capture contaminants as compared to bare paint or paint with a sealant. Going forward if the surface does deteriorate it will be the coating that will deteriorate first instead of the paint. This allows us to polish the paint and re-apply another layer of ceramic in the future.

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Fly Shiny with shiny jets

General aviation aircraft are expensive to repair. If the painted surfaces deteriorate they could develop costly corrosion that could damage crucial components. If aircraft are down they are costing money. New paint jobs could take several weeks to months. Costly down time can be avoided with proper protection and preventative maintenance. Shiny Jets has the years of service to tailor to your aircraft needs and keep your aircraft out of the paint booth. 

Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft

Shiny Jets also works on warbirds and vintage aircraft.  Our company has restore over 30 warbirds and vintage aircraft. It is a joy to restore a one of a kind piece of history so it can be enjoyed in the future. We have personally cosmetically restored over 30 warbirds and vintage aircraft. We truly have a passion for these flying machines. We will work hard to fix unsightly components on your aircraft.  After restoring the aircraft we will typically ceramic coat the aircraft for ease of cleaning in the future.

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