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Brightwork Polishing

Polishing Brightwork

If you’ve been searching for an aircraft cleaner you can trust to polish you jets brightwork, look no further. Shiny Jets provides the finest aircraft brightwork polishing services available. We have over a decade of experience refining raw metal surfaces on private jets and take great pride in providing top-of-the-line quality work. Brightwork is an important part of aircraft detailing.

Aluminum alloys on aircraft can can be damaged easily and need regular maintenance to protect the surface from degrading, resulting in unsightly brightwork.

Oxidation in the aluminum can break down the aluminum and cause unsightly pitting. To avoid degradation of your brightwork oxidation should be removed regularly and a highly polished surface will protect against unsightly oxidized brightwork.  If you do not cut out all the oxidation your polish job will not last very long.

Water spots can cause pitting and unsightly brightwork. Acid rain can etch your brightwork and permanent damage can occur. This can lead to pitting of the brightwork as well.

Scratches come from aggressive cleaning, fueling, and clothing/luggage being drug across the wings brightwork. Scratches or even light scratches in brightwork allow oxidation to happen quicker because there is more surface area. Just like paint if there are scratches there is more surface area for contaminants to stick so a highly polished surface is ideal for protection.

Our Brightwork Polishing package involves a multi-step process which will remove corrosion, oxidation, and scratches in the metal. We use a drum buffer that will leave your brightwork looking flawless. The beauty of the drum buffer is there are no unsightly holograms left behind. Additionally the buffer is the least aggressive machine as it creates little to no heat compared to traditional rotary buffers used to polish brightwork. Regularly polishing brightwork will help prevent pitting, oxidation, or corrosion to develop on your aircrafts brightwork. If spotting and oxidation are deep, our team will take extra steps necessary to remove imperfections from your aircraft’s Brightwork. It will leave your aircraft with a brilliant luster and shine that will be noticed as it pulls up to the FBO. If you want your aircraft to stay in great shape, then scheduling regular Brightwork detailing throughout the year is a must. Keep your aircraft looking shiny and new. Come see us at Shiny Jets for the best aircraft detailing services around. We want to work with you! 

Cirrus SR22 Spinner Brightwork Polsish

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