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Leather Cleaning

Experience the epitome of leather cleaning excellence with Shiny Jets. Our first-class aircraft leather cleaning service is not just a luxury but a crucial necessity. Improper execution of this service can lead to permanent damage, making it imperative to trust experts like us.

Aircraft leather, when left uncleaned, deteriorates rapidly. Dirt and oils seep into the leather's pores, hastening the breakdown process. Even stitching in high-traffic areas accumulates grime. Shiny Jets Executive Leather Cleaning service employs pH balanced cleaners designed to deep clean without harming the leather.

Our process involves meticulous scrubbing with these pH balanced cleaners, effectively eliminating contaminants from the leather. We ensure that the cleaning process not only removes dirt and oil from the leather but also prevents them from sticking in the stitching. After cleaning, we meticulously shampoo the stitching using a gentle horsehair brush to eliminate soil. Following this, compressed air and a neutralizing solution are used to blast out any remaining contaminants.

Trust Shiny Jets for a comprehensive leather cleaning experience that ensures your aircraft's leather remains in impeccable condition. Our expertise, paired with advanced techniques, guarantees the longevity and beauty of your leather surfaces. Schedule our Executive Leather Cleaning service today and indulge in the luxury of perfectly maintained aircraft leather interiors.

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