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Fly Shiny Maverick - Sprayable Metal Polish

Elevate your aircraft's reflection to unparalleled heights 

 Fly Shiny Maverick Sprayable Metal Polish is designed with the discerning aviation enthusiast in mind. This Sprayable metal polish is the secret weapon for impeccable shine and reflection, capturing the essence of aviation excellence.

Crafted for those who demand perfection

In every detail, the Fly Shiny Maverick Sprayable Metal Polish offers a fast-acting formula that effortlessly restores brilliance to polished surfaces. Whether you're prepping for an aviation event or simply maintaining your aircraft's radiance, this polish delivers exceptional results with ease.

Engineered to tackle many stubborn imperfections

Fly Shiny Maverick's fine abrasives skillfully remove water spots, light oxidation, and imperfections in brightwork. With no caking or hardening, the application is a breeze, leaving behind a mirror-like finish that's both bright and clean. The advanced sealants extend protection, bridging the gap between intensive polishing sessions and safeguarding against the elements.

Ease of use and award-winning performance

Fly Shiny Maverick's cutting agent works wonders on removing oxidation, as evident in the backdrop of a hangar where even covered aircraft await their turn for a gleaming transformation.

Choose Fly Shiny Maverick Sprayable Metal Polish

Aircraft detailers choice for a reflection that reflects not just your aircraft but also your commitment to quality and excellence in aviation maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brooks Black
Good stuff!!

Works great in between full corrections and for small to medium jobs. Will purchase again


Works really good. Makes a huge difference with minimal effort.

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