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Fly Shiny Static Guard - Dry Wash

Introducing Fly Shiny Static Guard: The Ultimate Aircraft Dry Wash

Unmatched Superiority:
Experience the pinnacle of aircraft cleaning technology with Fly Shiny Static Guard – the original static-reducing dry wash with added wax protection that saves water. As aviation enthusiasts, we understand the importance of keeping your aircraft spotless and protected, which requires no water and no rinsing. With Fly Shiny Static Guard, rest assured that you're investing in the superior dry wash available today.

Unrivaled Protection:
Accept no substitutes – Fly Shiny Static Guard offers unparalleled protection with its unique formulation that goes beyond mere cleaning. Unlike other products, our dry wash provides multiple layers of protection, efficiently shielding your aircraft from the elements. Whether it's dust, debris, or static buildup, Fly Shiny Static Guard has you covered, ensuring your aircraft remains pristine and protected against the rigors of flight.

Proven Performance:
Backed by years of research and development, Fly Shiny Static Guard has become the go-to choice for aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our loyal customers attest to our product's unmatched performance and reliability, making Fly Shiny Static Guard the trusted solution for cleaning and protecting aircraft of all types.

Innovative Technology:
At the heart of Fly Shiny Static Guard lies cutting-edge technology designed to deliver exceptional results with every application. Our advanced formulation not only cleans, saves time, and protects but also reduces static buildup – a crucial feature for maintaining optimal performance and improving safety during flight. With Fly Shiny Static Guard, you're not just cleaning your aircraft but investing in its longevity and performance.

The Fly Shiny Difference:
Join the countless pilots, operators, and enthusiasts who have firsthand experienced the Fly Shiny difference. Elevate your aircraft cleaning routine to new heights with Fly Shiny Static Guard – the most superior dry wash for cleaning aircraft on the market. Spray directly on the aircraft and wipe clean. Don't settle for anything less than perfection – choose Fly Shiny and soar with confidence.

Customer Reviews

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Rick Day
Bugs be gone!

Sprayed this stuff on the leading edges of the wings, horizontal stabilizer, and cowling, and those springtime bugs wiped right off. Get some!

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