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Aircraft Carpet Cleaning

Shiny Jets Carpet Cleaning

Experience Exceptional Carpet Cleaning with Shiny Jets:

At Shiny Jets, we understand the complexities of carpet cleaning, and we're dedicated to ensuring your carpets receive the best care. From dirt and oil to wine and coffee stains, our expert team utilizes specialized products to effectively remove various contaminants. But our process doesn't stop there; proper carpet cleaning goes beyond stain removal.

Balancing pH for Optimal Results:

After stains are removed, it's crucial to neutralize the carpet's pH. Cleaning agents are either alkaline or acidic, and neutralization is essential to match the carpet's pH level. Shiny Jets employs an extraction process that leaves your carpet pH neutral, minimizing the likelihood of dirt accumulation.

Swift Drying for Preventing Issues:

Drying is a critical step in the carpet cleaning process. Quick drying is essential to prevent wicking and mold growth. To ensure the fastest drying time, we utilize powerful carpet fans placed in the aircraft until the carpets are completely dry. This proactive approach not only safeguards against moisture-related problems but also ensures your carpets remain in optimal condition.

Trust Shiny Jets for Thorough and Efficient Carpet Cleaning:

When you choose Shiny Jets for your carpet cleaning needs, you're choosing a team committed to excellence. Our comprehensive approach, from stain removal to pH balancing and swift drying, guarantees exceptional results. Experience the difference with Shiny Jets. Contact us today for top-notch carpet cleaning services tailored to your aircraft's unique requirements.

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