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Shiny Jets Courses

Explore Our Premier Collection of Aviation Detailing Courses by Shiny Jets – Your Ultimate Resource for Aircraft Detailing Expertise. Elevate Your Skills with a Series of Aviation-Focused Training Programs Designed to Enhance Your Aircraft's Aesthetics and Performance. From Online Learning to Hands-On Experience, Our Courses Cover Aircraft Surface Restoration, Protection, and Maintenance Strategies. Join Us to Master the Art of Aircraft Detailing with Real Aircraft Interaction, FBO and Part 145 Repair Station Insights, and Aviation-Centric Knowledge. Enroll Now to Unveil the Next Level of Aircraft Detailing Excellence!

Shiny Jets Aircraft Detail Training

Aircraft detailing is an important part of aircraft preventative maintenance. Shiny Jets will teach you the skills to restore, protect, and maintain aircraft.

Why Aircraft Detailing?

  • Be your own boss.
  • Premium rates to detail aircraft.
  • Become an asset to your local airport
  • Maintenance cleaning keeps aircraft corrosion free
  • Untapped potential across the world
  • Limited barrier to entry into aviation industry
  • Save customer thousands from re-painting aircraft

The Shiny Jets Hybrid Certification Course gives you the benefit of learning to detail aircraft online before your hands on training. It will reduce time away from home making money. After completion of the online portion students can attend the in person trainings in Chino, Ca or Jacksonville, Fl. This will give you the hands on training you have been looking for.

The Shiny Jets online Beta Course brings you online videos, descriptions, note taking outlines, discussions, pricing calculators, and continued access to our online forum for group support. You will gain the knowledge to restore and protect with exceptional results with the latest technology and practices for aircraft.

Prepping and sealing BFGoodrich De-Ice boots is great preventative maintenance service that should be done minimum every six months unless rain strips the coating off the boot. If the boots are not coated they will deteriorate from the elements also known as rubber vulcanization. Ozone, UV rays, turbulence, aggressive cleaning, neglect, solvents, wet washing, and no protection are the contributors to De-Icers breaking down.


  • Dry Wash
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Polishing Paint
  • Polishing Brightwork
  • Interior Maintenance Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hands on cleaning/detailing on multiple aircraft
  • Tools and supplies for all services
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Polishing Un-Pressurized Windows

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