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Online Course - Aircraft detailing

Shiny Jets Online Beta Course

The completion of the course will give you the knowledge to restore and protect aircraft safely.

Aircraft spend time in some of the most extreme environments. From sitting on the ramp in Cabo San Lucas to Flying at 40,000' at -75 degrees Fahrenheit. These extremes can deteriorate the paint on aircraft much faster than compared to your vehicle driving down the street.

Aircraft detailing and maintenance cleaning will reduce the chance of the aircraft degrading cosmetically. 

 A properly protected aircraft is less likely to suffer from deterioration. Other notable benefits of restoring and protecting aircraft is that it stays cleaner longer, increased gloss, as well as ease of cleaning.

Course Benefits

The Shiny Jets online Beta Course brings you online videos, descriptions, note taking outlines, discussions, pricing calculators, and continued access to our online forum for group support.

You will gain the knowledge to restore and protect with exceptional results with the latest technology and practices for aircraft.


Course Curriculum

- Shiny Jets Online Course Completion Certificate

- Downloadable Outlines of Lessons for Note Taking

- Pricing Calculators

- Lesson Discussions 

- Customer Description

- Aircraft Parts Description

- Microfiber Towels

- Downloadable Pre- Wash Inspection Flows (Cirrus, King Air, Gulfstream)

- Dry Wash

- Cleaning Aircraft Windows

- Paint Decontamination Tools

- Aircraft Paint Decontamination

- Paint Restoration Tools

- Aircraft Paint Oxidation Removal

- Aircraft Paint Polishing

- Brightwork Polishing Tools

- Aircraft Brightwork Polishing

- Prep. and Seal Pneumatic De-Ice Boot Tools and Supplies

- Prep. and Seal Pneumatic De-Ice Boots

- Aircraft Paint Protection (Wax, Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings)

- Interior Maintenance Cleaning Tools and Supplies

- Interior Maintenance Cleaning

- Leather Cleaning Tools

- Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

- Carpet Cleaning Tools and Supplies

- Carpet Cleaning

- Quizzes

- Course Completion Certificate


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carolina Colin
Dry wash

Very detailed and informative. Examples of chemical reactions are very helpful and provide room to picture process.

Jakeem Armstrong
Worth every penny

I recently took the Fly Shiny Pro course. After working with Brett, I wanted the full experience. This class was also very informative and really put things into perspective. Great course!

Christopher Shelton

Online Course - Aircraft detailing

Taylor Drapela
Good Information

The online course was a good precursor to the in-person training.

Cole Bishop
Paid for itself in less than a week

I previously detailed small aircraft and wanted to make the transition to the commercial market, I couldn’t have done it without the shinyjets course.

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