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Online Course - Aircraft detailing

Shiny Jets Online Beta Course

Welcome to the Future of Aircraft Detailing Education with Shiny Jets' Online Aircraft Detailing Course! Our cutting-edge program is designed to equip aviation enthusiasts like you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the intricate world of aircraft detailing. Dive into a comprehensive online learning experience that unravels the art of restoring, protecting, and maintaining aircraft surfaces to perfection. Led by industry experts, this course blends theoretical insights with practical applications, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of aviation-specific detailing techniques. Join us on this transformative journey as we unveil the secrets to achieving unmatched brilliance in aircraft aesthetics and preservation. Enroll now and soar above the rest with Shiny Jets!

Course Benefits

Unlock a World of Benefits with Shiny Jets' Online Beta Aircraft Detailing Course! Immerse yourself in a dynamic online learning experience featuring video tutorials, in-depth descriptions, structured note-taking outlines, engaging discussions, insightful pricing calculators, and ongoing access to our exclusive online forum – a hub of group support and collaboration.

Enroll in our online course to gain expert knowledge in the restoration and protection of aircraft surfaces, leveraging the latest cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. Elevate your skills to deliver exceptional results that shine above the rest in the world of aviation detailing. Don't miss this opportunity to master the art of aircraft aesthetics and preservation. Enroll now and take your passion for aircraft to new heights!

Course Curriculum

- Shiny Jets Online Course Completion Certificate

- Downloadable Outlines of Lessons for Note Taking

- Pricing Calculators

- Lesson Discussions 

- Customer Description

- Aircraft Parts Description

- Microfiber Towels

- Downloadable Pre- Wash Inspection Flows (Cirrus, King Air, Gulfstream)

- Dry Wash

- Cleaning Aircraft Windows

- Paint Decontamination Tools

- Aircraft Paint Decontamination

- Paint Restoration Tools

- Aircraft Paint Oxidation Removal

- Aircraft Paint Polishing

- Brightwork Polishing Tools

- Aircraft Brightwork Polishing

- Prep. and Seal Pneumatic De-Ice Boot Tools and Supplies

- Prep. and Seal Pneumatic De-Ice Boots

- Aircraft Paint Protection (Wax, Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings)

- Interior Maintenance Cleaning Tools and Supplies

- Interior Maintenance Cleaning

- Leather Cleaning Tools

- Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

- Carpet Cleaning Tools and Supplies

- Carpet Cleaning

- Course Completion Certificate


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jason Swanson

Very informative and detailed training process. Had my crew go through this and it has been a tremendous help. Thank you Brett for all your hard work.


Excellent program, Brett is a wealth of knowledge, and everything you learn is very beneficial.

Carolina Colin
Dry wash

Very detailed and informative. Examples of chemical reactions are very helpful and provide room to picture process.

Jakeem Armstrong
Worth every penny

I recently took the Fly Shiny Pro course. After working with Brett, I wanted the full experience. This class was also very informative and really put things into perspective. Great course!

Christopher Shelton

Online Course - Aircraft detailing

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