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Shiny Jets Certification


Become a Shiny Jets Certified!

Our innovative aircraft detailing training optimizes your time to become a professional. Students will complete our online training course before arriving in person for hands on detail training. Students will learn how aircraft deteriorate, how to restore, how to protect, and how to maintain the various surfaces on aircraft. 

After training students will have access to an aircraft pricing app that will pop out packages from Bronze to Shiny Jet in an instant. Along with the pricing app students will have continued support of our private group to help them with an hurdles that may arise in their aircraft detailing business. 

Come to Shiny Jets training to help aircraft fly shiny.


Shiny Jets Aircraft Detailing Course

Hybrid Course curriculum -

Maintenance washing

Paint restoration (paint correction)

Brightwork Polishing(drum buffer)

Paint Protection

Aircraft window polishing

Interior maintenance cleaning

Carpet cleaning 

Leather cleaning

 Shiny Jets Training Certification Course

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