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Aircraft Paint Decontamination

Gulfstream 450 Ceramic Coated

Understanding Paint Contamination:

Paint contamination refers to the presence of organic and inorganic particles forming a semi-permanent bond with the paint surface. These contaminants, like fallout or paint overspray, make the paint feel rough to the touch.

Effective Paint Decontamination:

To remove paint contamination, a mechanical process known as clay bar treatment is employed. The clay bar method effectively eliminates contaminants embedded in the painted surfaces. Different clay bar grades are available, each catering to the required level of aggressiveness for contaminant removal. It is highly recommended to follow up a clay bar treatment with a polishing service. This additional step helps address the slight marring left behind on the paint surface during the decontamination process.

Ensure your paint surfaces stay pristine and smooth with our expert clay bar treatment and polishing services. Contact us to schedule your paint decontamination and restoration today.

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