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Paint Restoration

 Polished and Ceramic Coated Embraer Phenom 300

Over time paint deteriorates in the form of oxidation. Oxidation is living and constantly growing which and is important to  prevent or remove from aircraft paint. Paint is applied to aircraft to protect the skin from corrosion. Therefore, if paint is oxidized your paint will hold more contaminants and create a situation where corrosion is more likely on your aircraft. Bugs, oil, and exhaust can permanently stain if oxidized paint is not managed.

This aircraft restoration process will remove oxidation and bring your aircraft paint back to its original gloss and in many cases better than the original. Our process' insure that oxidation is gone and your paint will not look like it did after a handful of washes. 

It is important to note that after this process your paint will need protection of which there are many to choose from.

When removing oxidation we typically go through different compounds and pads to achieve the aggressiveness we need to remove oxidation in an efficient manner. We want to remove it efficiently without creating too much heat. Over heating the skin of the aircraft (150 Degrees Fahrenheit) can cause embrittlement, paint losing its bond with the surface, burned paint, ect. With the heat being localized with the buffer the heat cannot disperse evenly. Our dual action polishers are great because the heat generated goes up into the pad leaving a hologram/swirl free finish. Traditional rotary buffer put the heat into the painted surface and leave less than desirable results.

Lear 35 Polish and Ceramic Coat

Polishing paint is a less aggressive service meant to restore the optics to your aircraft. Maybe your paint just isn't as gloss as it was. Our polishing process is a prefect way to restore that optical clarity to your paint by further refining the aircrafts painted surfaces. This process is not aggressive and will create an environment where it is harder for contaminants to bond to the paint.



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